Renner's Grill was established in 1939 by Milo and Bessie Renner who acquired the business formerly known as the Cry Baby Café.  The couple began the long and gradual 40-year project of transformation into the very unique space you see today. After several years they added the second floor residence and moved from the space that was known to locals as the “Suburban Room Lounge”. The couple operated the bar and café until 1979, when it was purchased by the Langton family who maintained the original bar, coffee counter and menus. Steve Langton managed, cooked and bartended for 22 years, opening every day at 7:00am, serving full breakfast, lunch and dinner fare. Steve passed away while working at Renner's Grill on March 6, 2004, doing what he loved: cooking, bartending and being omnipresent. Renner’s Grill continues to be the oldest continuously operated business in Multnomah Village and one of the oldest restaurants in Portland, Oregon.